Hectic Week!

One thing about this place is that there is seldom a dull moment. Now, we enjoy our dull moments as much as anyone. The couch in the sitting area makes for a phenomenal mid-afternoon nap spot when the hustle-bustle of activity dies down. But, not much napping was...

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Announcing Quilt & Fiber Art Guild

Our group is not a “Guild” really.  We are just a community of artists who work with fabric and fibers.  We gather to have workshops, given by members of the group, on various techniques, including quilting techniques (i.e., sewing, piecing, applique,...

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Kids’ Club

Makers Kids' Club members are enjoying the fruits of their seed sowing labors. The Grow Lab's raised beds are now filled with garden goodies from greens to tomatoes.  Pumpkin plants are king on "The Great Pumpkin Hills." "The Magic Beans" are starting to take off and...

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More classes to choose from!

We are excited to announce some new classes we haven't held before! Almost at capacity (so hurry and reserve the last seats) is Shelia Bible doing a two-day Introduction to Basketweaving on July 10th / July 17th ... all materials and supplies provided, cost covers...

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July Still Life

A new member perk has been setup, with a rotating still-life scene every month. For July we have a blue/yellow pairing: Members are free to come anytime we're open (Monday through Friday, 9-5, officially ... ). Bring your own supplies, utilize our house supplies, and...

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