Being a member gives you a voice! (And it keeps the lights on!)

Register as a “sustaining member” by contributing on a recurring membership fee:

You can manage your membership / payment information through the customer portal.

Members may bring one guest. It is our hope that this privilege allows members to introduce the maker space to others and they will become sustaining members themselves.

 Member benefits include:

    • Member rates for classes and events
    • Display of member art / creations for sale in the gallery and retail spaces
    • Ability to book space for instruction and activities
    • Access to facilities and materials
    • Lumber Yard / Salvage Material access
    • Computer lab access
    • Ability to gather, host creative groups, or otherwise “show your face”
    • Warm-and-fuzzy feeling of supporting your local creative makers space


New members are required to attend an orientation and walkthrough of the facilities. Members must read and agree with Policies and Procedures, Code of Conduct, safety training, etc.

Good Standing

A member shall be considered in good standing if they are current on their dues or on a current board-approved scholarship.

If membership is discontinued and a member has personal property in the facility, they will be given 30 days to claim possessions, after which they will be donated to charity.


Please see Code of Conduct

There is no overnight sleeping (daytime naps are okay – bring your own pillow)


Clean up after yourself after using any public space or machine, including cleaning tables, machines and floor area around it and returning any items to their proper location.

Do not use any machine if you have not completed safety training.

All accidents and safety violations are to be reported.

Only use correct tools for your work.

When carrying tools, sharp edges should be pointed downwards (do not run with scissors!).

Be patient and do not rush.

Do not distract person(s) operating machinery.

Avoid distractions.

In case of Emergency

First aid kits

Call 911 

We Would Love to Hear From You!

Please feel free to contact us via email, postal mail, or the available form.

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