Incremental Progress

Incremental progress! If you’ve ever had the tour or volunteered to work in the dungeon, you’ll really appreciate the new street level outward opening fire proof door with panic bar exit capabilities! No more multi-staircase trips to get a tool out of the shop, only...

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Happy New Year!

Twelve days in to the new year, and we're already swamped with bustling activity! Amazing things are coming, and we're always in the process of fixing or changing something somewhere. A new instructor, Gabby Wood, has blessed us with her presence, and setup five...

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More Minecraft Shenanigans

Building on our last post for the Sphere creator and other geometry experiments, we've made some more shenanigans. At our Weekly Wednesday Tech club meet up we did a small demo for the kids in attendance, and the discussion quickly turned into fun destruction and...

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MakeSomething Minecraft

It's no secret we love some minecraft around these parts. We host two servers on our mini-farm in the basement, both running paper and geyser, allowing both Java and Bedrock users to join in the fun. If you are a member, send us your gamer tag and we'll add you to the...

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Matched Contributions!

A bit ago we announced a very generous matching-contribution from an anonymous contributor (Lulu), where they would match any $500 donation earmarked for window replacement efforts up to $2,000. Well, we just received our first also anonymous $500 contribution, and...

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Making things easier!

Our beloved Tania Dirks has been convinced there is a subset of people that don't use messenger/facebook, and has asked us to trial-run collecting payments and managing will-call for an event. We're trying it out with Mini-Masters: Woman with Parasol ... so if you...

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