MakeSomething Minecraft

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It’s no secret we love some minecraft around these parts. We host two servers on our mini-farm in the basement, both running paper and geyser, allowing both Java and Bedrock users to join in the fun.

If you are a member, send us your gamer tag and we’ll add you to the whitelist so you can connect! We rotate out the survival world on occasion, but have a lot of fun in either.

We’ve been working the last few days porting a bunch of geometry math to be a proper minecraft plugin, experimenting with the coding side of the game.

The work on this plugin is being done on GitHub, so if you want to build upon the experience, feel free to fork/clone/tinker. Setup should be fairly easy, but you can come in during any of our weekly Wednesday tech gatherings and get some help if necessary.

The first version of this plugin does some simple spherical shapes, with some basic parameters to determine the radius, and fill behavior. You can download the plugin, and place it in your server plugins/ folder to play.

Above pictured is a 50 block radius “bowl” command, with the default material set (a strange combination of randomly-selected stone-based materials, and some ShroomLights for ambiance:

/make bowl 50 empty

You can make “bowl”, “sphere”, or “dome” so far, with radius as high as you like. (Be warned, stuff larger than 100 radius lags the server a bit, and there is no bounds checking, so if you sphere goes beyond the low bedrock you’ll end up with a huge hole in the ground!)

Making a sphere high up in the air out of smooth stone resembles the Death Star.

/make sphere 42 empty SMOOTH_STONE

Pretty Ominous, casting a huge shadow across the land.

Or you could encase a helpless village in a dome of bedrock

/make dome 96 false BEDROCK

The process is pretty straightforward, though don’t laugh at my code. I’ve spent the last 20 years avoiding becoming proficient in Java, preferring less obtrusive languages like Javascript and Python, though somehow managed to pump this little thing out.

I already have a bunch of other geometry code (in Javascript) that we’d previously just pipe into the server process, so in the coming weeks and forward I’ll be adding new make commands to the plugin.

Do you have any ideas for fun things to do? The TODO section of the project has various circle generators, spires, towers, pits, and other desires listed, but we’re always open to making something fun!

Update: Added some circles, rings, and arches in the develop branch: