Tangle Art

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Greene County Makers is offering a newly added class on tangle art. There’s still time to pre-register for the first class to be held July 2.

Relax and enjoy the process as we use tangles, or repetitive patterns, to create small abstract works of art. There will be two classes, one on Tuesday, July 2, and the second class on Tuesday, July 9.

In the first class, we will learn the jargon, the process, and five beginner tangles as we acquaint ourselves with tangle art. In the second class, we will experiment with using highlights, applying tangles to other types of art, staining our tiles with tea, pounded flower petals, and other natural items, and finding resources for adding new tangles to our repertoire.

Cost : $15 per class

Materials provided:

  • tiles (paper) of varying sizes and colors
  • watercolor paper

Materials you will need to purchase to bring to class:

  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (any size you wish – I use .01, .03, .05, and 1), black NOTE: You may use any brand of archival, waterproof, quick-drying black pen. Also, if you enjoy this style of drawing, you may want to purchase a brown pen or other colors as you desire.
  • #2 graphite pencil, NO ERASER NEEDED
  • pencil with soft lead (2B to 8B range), your preference
  • Jelly Roll or any brand white ink pen (archival, waterproof) for highlighting and use on black tiles
  • Blending stump or tortillion
  • White charcoal pencil (optional)

Pre-registration is required: Signup now